One Year Later...Hurricane Isaac Support Summary

Last year, St. John the Baptist Parish was devastated by the landfall of Hurricane Isaac. Over 7,000 homes were flooded and families were displaced all throughout our community.

Now that a year has passed, please read below to see how SJUW has supported the St. John community during its recovery.

Relief- $60,000

Immediately after the flood waters began to rise throughout St. John Parish, SJUW's disaster response agencies were on ground assisting with evacuations, locate-a-loved one services and distributing necessary relief supplies such as food, water, ice and cleaning/hygiene kits.

SJUW provided emergency grants to support the efforts of these disaster response agencies including American Red Cross, Second Harvest Food Bank, Catholic Charities and VIA LINK 2-1-1.

Recovery & Rebuilding- $235,000

While SJUW's disaster response agencies were addressing the immediate needs for affected residents throughout St. John Parish, SJUW started to look ahead to recovery and rebuilding.

To help families cope with the trauma the flooding caused, SJUW provided $15,000 to the George Rodrigue Foundation for the Arts to provide art supplies and therapeutic workshops throughout St. John Parish.

To assist with rebuilding, SJUW led the development of the SJBP Long Term Recovery Group and provided the principal donation of $125,000 to the group for assistance with construction and other needs as identified through organized case management. To date, over 1200 requests for assistance have been received and over 1000 cases have been completed utilizing over 1500 volunteers.

Additionally,SJUW provided $95,000 and other resources to the group Eight Days of Hope who came to SJBP from March 9-16 and leveraged donations to complete over 620 projects totaling a cost of approximately $4 million in work completed.

Total Hurricane Isaac Investment=